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Information Security

Information Security (INFOSEC) is one of the most important areas of focus for effective strategic business planning. Unfortunately it is also an area that has little attention paid to it – that is until an organization experiences an incident. Then a series of forensic activities are executed in hopes of discovering the root cause. By then, the damage has been done. If INFOSEC had been an integrated part of the strategic business planning, chances are the incident would have been avoided before it had a chance to do any damage to the organization.

The team at Planet Street Digital can help you deploy OEM security solutions within your organization to protect your information. In combination with our partners, we can help you protect critical infrastructure against the expanding risks created by mobile devices, cloud computing and social media by providing solutions ranging from network and data protection to identity services and perimeter security.


Planet Street Digital information security services cover all aspects of the security space, including:

  • Strategy – our security program strategy services provide clarity around security strategy and policy design
  • Architecture – our security architecture and Implementation services help navigate complex environments, apply methodologies and incorporate leading practices to ensure success
  • Risk – our enterprise risk and compliance services help to address gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization
  • Training – our education and awareness services address the technical and human elements of your organization to ensure a more secure environment
  • Threats – our threat and vulnerability management services help uncover intermediate threats and address the root cause of weaknesses
  • Identity – our identity and access management services help improve business operations and end-user experiences, and transform access requirements into an information advantage
  • Incident Management – our enterprise incident management services and network security solutions help to secure systems, limited exposure, respond effectively and resolve security incidents of all kinds
  • Managed Services – our managed information security services are designed to serve as a remote extension of your security staff

Information Security

Information Security

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