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Street Art Helps Heal Parisians After Attacks

Paris, France; The people of Paris are finding comfort in street art after the horrific terrorist attacks of November. In a city like Paris it’s common for walls to be dotted with street art containing political messages of one sort or another. But in these days and weeks following the horrific attacks, a new theme is emerging. A theme of civic strength, recovery, love, and support.

Messages like “Spray 4 Paris” and “Pray for Paris” have popped up on walls. Another new message surrounds the Latin phrase which doubles as the motto for Paris, “Fluctuat nec Mergitur.” It means, “tossed but not sunk” and certainly has deep meaning these days for all residents of the “City of Lights.”

Seeing messages like these on the walls of the city should help contribute in a positive way for recovery. Great example of street art functioning as a way to uplift a community through artistic expression.

Spray for Paris