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Street Art and Music Collide at Dismaland

London, UK; Russian punk band Pussy Riot, and iconic street artist Banksy collaborate on the musicians’ newly released single “Refugees In.” The controversial all-woman group shot their music video at a place called “Banksy’s Dismaland,” which is an entire theme park of his work. Unlike Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, Dismaland is a dystopian version. It is a temporary installation, but will now be forever immortalized in this music video.

The video is one of several Pussy Riot statements about the current refugee crisis in Europe. The video depicts the band, in a cage, fighting with state police while mayhem swirls around. The band says they plan to release more videos with shocking images like these, designed to get people thinking about how poorly people are treating each other.

It’s an interesting collaboration of sorts between these artists. Both Banksy and Pussy Riot feature art that is equal parts social commentary and political speech. It’s also striking that Pussy Riot’s work is often seen as just the same sort of vandalism (in terms of music) that Banksy’s work might appear on the streets. All a matter of perspective, of course. But there may be no band more aligned with the renegade culture of street art than Pussy Riot. In fact, much of Pussy Riot’s music is performed in public space in the same sort of unannounced way that street art works.

You can check out the “Refugees In” music video on YouTube.

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