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Kobra Gives Yoda New Voice

Miami, Florida, USA; For all you Star War fans out there, Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has brought the famed Yoda to life in a whole new way. In what might turn out to be the most photographed image of this year’s Art Basel event in Miami, Kobra used the Jedi teacher to communicate a message he probably think Yoda would endorse. “Stop Wars” is the simple meme of this colorful new work put up in the Wynwood art district.

Kobra is known for his bold and colorful murals. His impressive resume includes works featuring the images of Tupac Shakur, Martin Luther King Jr, the Dalai Lama, and Albert Einstein just to name a few. He’s also collaborated with other artists paying tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, with an image of his face covering the entire side of a Sao Paulo skyscraper. And recreated the famous VJ Day Kiss in Time Square, New York.

This new Yoda piece is now blowing up the internet.  Star Wars fans know Yoda already has a famous quote about war. “Wars not make one great” is a line of the little wise man from Empire Strikes Back. Kobra’s new piece is a great extension of this theme.