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Chinese Establish Graffiti Zones along the Great Wall

BEIJING, China;  Street art is finally being accepted on one of the most famous structures in the world.   Worried that graffiti is a growing problem along the Great Wall of China, authorities there have now designated certain sections of the Great Wall as open zones for graffiti.  The Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has seen a growth in carvings, etching, paintings and other forms of street art in recent years.  Additionally, the wall is eroding due to natural causes in many locations.

In the past there have been laws put on the books in China to try to protect the Wall from graffiti.  Despite this, street art has continued to be expressed along the Great Wall.  So this new move by Chinese authorities will provide certain designated sections in some of the tower structures where visitors will be free to express themselves on the structures.

Whether this new freedom prevents additional graffiti from going up along other sections of the Great Wall is another matter entirely.

Chinese Establish Graffiti Zones along the Great Wall