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Celebration of Street Art Photography in Miami

Miami, Florida, USA; The HistoryMiami Museum is now the new home for the Miami Street Photography Festival during this year’s Art Basel. It’s an interesting new take on “street art” or “public art.” In this exhibition, works are presented that capture fleeting moments from the street…moments that, in many cases, require a photographer capture something amazing in a split second. While not traditionally what comes to mind when people use the phrase, “street art,” it’s perhaps more closely related to how people around the world now capture life and create art on their mobile phones and share it with others.

In a new world of Snapchat and Instagram, we live surrounded by sharing of the sorts of snapshots in time from the street that, before mobile phones, went largely undocumented. These kinds of images are now part of how we look at our world. We seek out opportunities to capture and share these fleeting moments of awesome with others. And this photography festival is the first to celebrate this at Art Basel.

This exhibit features submissions from around the world and is on display at the HistoryMiami Museum until January 17th, 2016.

Photography Festival Show