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Banksy Highlights Apple Founder’s Syrian Refugee Roots

Calais, France; Iconic artist Banksy put up a piece featuring Apple Computer founder, Steve Jobs, at a Calais camp for Syrian refugees known as “The Jungle.” The image shows Jobs clothed in his trademark black turtleneck holding his one of his mid-1980s Mac computers with a sack slung over his shoulder.

Banksy’s inspiration for doing this was to show where Jobs came from. Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant who grew up to be a billionaire, running one of the world’s most well known and profitable companies, Apple. His immigrant roots are an example of the potential in every person who leaves one country for opportunity in another. Most notably Syria, in light of the current plight of that country’s people.

This piece was one of three Banksy put up around Calais to weigh-in on the refugee crisis. Kudos to Banksy on these thoughtful pieces.