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About Planet Street Digital

Founded in 2002 as Skeeo, a boutique marketing agency that delivers inventive ideas, designs and campaigns to help brands grow, the company has always provided big company marketing at a small company price. Skeeo had also developed a very large, proprietary marketing list of influential young professionals and cultivated a large list of clients who engaged them in reaching this audience.

Beginning in 2015 the company merged with Planet Street, an innovative new media content company that specialized in street culture among an audience of millennials. The combination of Skeeo and Planet Street created Planet Street Digital and merged the two databases of upwardly mobile young people. The new company is now positioned to do an even better job at reaching this key demographic, though creative messaging and engaging content.

Planet Street Digital can help your brand cut through the daily blitz of media stimuli and communicate your message with an arresting sensory experience that is the way to break through to younger audiences. How do we do this differently than others? The integration of relevant art with the latest in technology and design sets us apart.

Our core values are excellence, integrity, collaboration and tangible business results for our partners.

Planet Street Digital - a Creative Digital Think Tank
One Show Award Addy Award Cannes Lions Award Clio Award Ad:Tech Award Adweek Award